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Recommended Course
Stepping back in Time on a Steam Locomotive
Located near the Oigawa Railway line along the Oi River is a variety of attractions - a green blanket of tea fields in the mountains, cherry blossoms in spring, a legendary pond, old stations and hot springs - just to name a few.
Recommended Course
Enjoy Green Tea
Shimada City is one of the biggest green tea producing areas in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is itself the major production base for green tea in Japan. Enjoy the different types of tea from Shimada, Kanaya and Kawane as well as green tea sweets and dishes together with the brilliant scenery of the rolling tea fields in Makinohara.
Recommended Course
Strolling along the Oi River and the Old Tokaido Highway
The crossing of the Oi used to be known as the hardest point on the old Tokaido highway. The towns on each side of the river developed as post stations with their own distinctive culture. Stone-paved streets, ruins and the world's longest wooden bridge (as recognized by the Guinness Book of Records) are just a few of many attractions. Don't forget to try some local food,too!