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Shimada Obi Festival

Starting in 1965, this festival is widely known for its procession of daimyo feudal lords, Kashima dance performers and portable shrines stroll along the old Tokaido highway.
The greatest attraction is the 25 people in traditional costumes with gorgeous obi belts hanging from wooden swords on both sides of their waist.

Held on Held in mid-October for three days every three years.
Shimada Mage Festival

It is believed that the traditional Shimada mage hairstyle was designed by Toragozen, a yuujo courtesan who appears in Soga Monogatari.

About 60 women in traditional hairstyles dance and give thanks for their hair at Utaji Temple.

Held on Held on the 3rd Sunday in September.
Kanaya Green Tea Festival

This festival is held to express growers' gratitude to tea in early April when new tea buds begin to grow.

The dance by 1,000 women in traditional tea-picking costume is quite impressive.

Together with other events including traditional Japanese drum performances, this festival welcomes the first tea of the season.

Held on Held in early April (every two years).
Oigawa Fireworks Festival

Approx. 8,000 fireworks of various sizes and designs let off from both sides of the wide river are sure to impress.

Held on Held on August 10.
Kawane Cherry Blossom Festival

Held around the tunnel of cherry blossoms, Thennozan Park and Ryokuchi Park.

Along the tunnel of cherry blossoms of 200 cherry trees runs the steam locomotive of Oigawa Railway, a popular spot among photographers.

Held on Held from late March to ealy April
Nomori Festival

The festival at Nomori Pond is full of events - a traditional boat race and a memorial service during the day and a bon dance, lanterns floating on the water and a fireworks festival at night.

The contrast between the lanterns floating on the pond and fireworks overhead is stunning.

Held on Held on Aucust 15.
Bara-no-Oka Rose Festival

Various events include a special rose sale, seminars on how to raise roses and concerts.

Held on Held at Bara-no-Oka park in May and October.