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Tea from Shimada, Kanaya, and Kawane
There are three green tea production sites in Shimada: Shimada, Kanaya and Kawane. Green tea from mountainous areas is regular sencha and that from Makinohara Heights is deeply steamed sencha. Each offer s a distinctive aroma and flavor. Try and enjoy the variety of fine local green tea.
Green Tea-Flavored Food
This goes well with green tea. Try green tea sweets and other food Shimada offers with confidence!
Shimada's Famous Sweets
Local Cuisine
Try some tasty local cuisine that has long been enjoyed.
Flavored Rice and Grilled Tofu

This dish has been enjoyed since the Edo period.

Rice flavored with leafy vegetables goes well with grilled tofu topped with miso paste.

Harihari Nabe

This pot dish of thinly sliced wild boar meat and bountiful vegetables in a light soup is quite tasty.

Local Sake

Popular local sake such as Onna-Nakase and Wakdatake Onikoroshi is produced with quality water from the Oi river system.

Shitoro-yaki Pottery

Believed to be established by potters from Seto and Mino in the late 16th century.

Featuring dark and subdued colors, it was favored by Kobori Enshu and Tokugawa Ieyasu and is one of the seven potteries in Enshu.

Tea ware and tea cups are particularly popular.